A Chocolate Fantasy Turns Into a Winning Reality

by Administrator4. March 2013 12:45

On Saturday, March 2nd, Route 66 Casino Hotel placed 3rd in both Most Artistic Sculpture and 3rd in Best Tasting Samples at the 21st Annual Chocolate Fantasy Charity Event, an annual benefit gala for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation. The event features the most noteworthy chocolatiers in New Mexico, competing to win Best of Show with their elaborate chocolate sculptures and edible sampling pieces. The theme was "Once Upon A Time...An Enchanted Chocolate Fantasy."

The Route 66 Culinary Team featured Executive Chef, Gilles Desnous, Pastry Chef, Esperanza Martinez and Pastry Assistant, Nathan Martinez. The team entered a piece titled: Ali Baba's Treasure. The chocolate piece of art featured vivid colors, intricate details and a stunning presence that would have made Aladdin himself jealous. 

From the tiny butterflies to the blooming flowers, the piece was 100% edible and made free-form (no chocolate molds were used). 

Due to the size of the chocolate art piece, the final touches were not added until the morning of the event. Tiny paintbrushes were used to add final splashes of color on this magnificent piece. 

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